Proper Maintenance of Your Air Conditioning System

However beautiful a home is, its comfort is never complete if it’s not air conditioned. However, air conditioning is not just purchasing the equipment and having it fitted in your home or office. You need to find the best Air Conditioning Installation Picayune MS Company to do the job.

Once you have an air conditioning system installed, ensure that it is always in proper running condition by regular maintenance. Many people make the mistake of overlooking simple malfunctions of their air conditioners. In the end, the efficiency of the system declines while the power bills go up. Finally the equipment shuts down completely and you have to pay much more to resuscitate it or install a new one than you would have if you had the small problems looked at. Fortunately, you can perform several maintenance tasks on your air conditioner.

Cleaning and Replacing Filters

If the air conditioner filter is clogged with dirt, there will not be proper airflow thus inhibiting proper functioning of the system. In addition the dirt will be pumped to the evaporator coil and affect its ability to absorb heat. A dirty filter may increase the energy consumption of your air conditioning system by 5 to 15 percent. Therefore, ensure that you clean or replace it after one or two months.

Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

Even though the filter is clean, the evaporator coil will still collect dirt after some time in use. A dirty coil means reduced efficiency and higher power bills. You should, therefore, ensure that the environment around the air conditioner is not dusty. In addition, ensure that there is no foliage or debris nearby and check for dust on the coil every year and clean it for improved efficiency.

Unbending Coil Fins and Unclogging Drains

Bent evaporator and condenser coil fins reduce airflow. To ensure that they are in proper condition, buy a fin comb and comb them back in place. Moreover, get a wire and stick it through the system’s drains to remove any material that may have clogged them. This ensures that the capacity of the system to reduce humidity is not affected.

Remember, delayed maintenance of your air conditioner will lead to higher costs. While you can perform simple maintenance procedures on your own, you need professional help in solving more complex malfunctions. Get in touch with Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating, the best Air Conditioning Installation Picayune MS has to offer.