HVAC systems have four important components; heater, cooler, air ducts and air vents. All these components are important but property owners should pay more attention to their heaters and coolers because they normally wear out fast. For instance, AC machines that are not properly maintained normally break down on a regular basis, leaving the occupants of the building sweating at home or at the workplace. AC replacement is always a good idea when your air conditioner breaks down too often. The following are some common signs that you need AC replacement:

i) Frequent Breakdowns

As mentioned earlier, poorly maintained air conditioners break down on a regular basis. However, AC units that are well-maintained can also break down frequently due to worn out parts, among other reasons. The cost of repairing these machines whenever they break down can be high. Over time, the cost can be higher than the cost of buying a new unit. Instead of continuing with the repairs, you should consider hiring a reputable installer to replace the AC with a newer, more efficient AC unit.

ii) Aging

An AC machine does not have to show signs of aging for you to replace it. Ideally, you should note the installation date and plan for a replacement when the machine approaches the 10 to 15-year mark. This is a long time to be using the same cooling system since HVAC technology changes quickly. Furthermore, old units consume a lot of power, which will increase your energy consumption, so it’s in your best interest to have the equipment replaced.

iii) Unusual Energy Bills

If your electricity bill has increased considerably in the recent months and the utility company still charges the same cost per unit, your AC may be drawing too much energy to cool your home. This is a clear sign that the unit has outlived its purpose and needs to be replaced.

iv) Unusual Noises

The moment you start hearing unusual noises coming out of the AC, you should hire a reputable HVAC company to inspect your unit and advise you on whether the problem can be repaired effectively or the unit must be replaced.