AC Tune Up is simply the process of servicing an air conditioning machine to identify problems early on and have them fixed to ensure the air conditioner does not break down. The tune up can only be done by professionals who know the ins and outs of air conditioning machines. Ideally, the chosen service provider should be factory-trained and certified to service that particular make and model of air conditioning machine. The following are some of the steps taken during AC tune up:

i) Cleaning

Air conditioners cannot perform as expected if they have dust-filled air ducts, clogged air filters and refrigerant coils that are covered with dust. During thtune-upup process, the technician will open up the air conditioning system, clean the air ducts and refrigerant coils before replacing the air filter. This will improve indoor air quality and reduce the energy consumption of the cooling system, thereby improving its efficiency.

ii) Inspection of Parts

The main objective of giving your AC a tune up is to improve its efficiency and performance as well as prevent future breakdowns. During the process, the technician will inspect all the components of the AC system to ensure they are in good condition. This includes; checking the refrigerant fluid, loose electrical connections, clogging in the condensate drain pipe and thermostat setting among other things. Fan blades must also be checked and cleaned to remove dust.

iii) Lubrication

This is an important process as it helps to reduce friction, which not only causes wear and tear, but can make the system to produce a lot of noise. Only moving parts, such as the compressor pump and fan motors are lubricated.

After the tune up process, you can expect your air conditioning system to operate at a higher level of energy efficiency, make less noise and meet your home’s cooling needs easily.