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If you’re having guests over to your home this Spring, entertaining doesn’t mean scouring the floors for hours and slaving over the stove all day. While we all want to make a good impression on our guests, the most important thing is enjoying conversation together. Bring the conversation to focus, while showing your guests you were thoughtful with this simple guide from Davey’s Air Conditioning & Heating. Our experience providing affordable and reliable AC and heater maintenance in Picayune, MS has taught us time with family and friends is best spent relaxed and at ease. These ideas will help you and your guests do just that.

  1. Do a clean sweep for clutter. Take ten minutes and grab two plastic bags. One is for items you can just toss, the other is for clutter that just needs to be put away. Don’t agonize over thinking here since you can always sort out items to their rightful homes. Your goal is to get visual distractions off of surfaces. Pens, coins, toys, a basketball cap, and grocery list are all small items that add up to a mess. After you’ve collected them, toss the trash bag and do a quick sort through the items needing organization to either put them where they belong or come back to this later.
  2. One of the best tips we’ve heard builds on step one. Create a designated home for each item you own. Keep all loose change in a jar, keep all pens in a section of a drawer organizer or in a cup. By having a “home” for each item that ends up as clutter over a busy week, everyone in the house wins. First, everyone knows where to find things. Second, everyone can help clean up. Cleaning becomes faster and easier when you aren’t slowing down trying to figure out where things go each time.
  3. Dress the table in bright colors. For a dinner, use a neutral tablecloth and colorful napkins to show your guests you were thinking about them. You can quickly make a room look set for time together by setting the tone with color. Don’t even worry about making place settings. Serve the meal buffet style with plates and flatware at the front and the meal on the stove. Guests can make themselves at home while also seeing you thought ahead about their needs.Devys air conditioning and heating1
  4. Make dessert a social activity. Create a toppings buffet similar to the meal you served with small bowls and spoons for guests to make their custom sundaes or pass around a tray of several types of store bought cookies. Neither of these take kitchen prep or oven space away from your main meal, making things simpler for you as host.
  5. Keep everyone comfortable with the right temperature setting. Remember additional guests in the house will cause temperatures to rise slightly, so you may need to adjust air conditioning accordingly. Running the oven will also warm the kitchen.

Keep your home ready for entertaining anytime with AC and heater maintenance in Picayune, MS from Davey’s Air Conditioning & Heating. Call us today to schedule your appointment for the season at 601-749-7184.