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Spring is here and it’s a time for blossoming flowers and a return of brighter days. Bring romance into your home and show your spouse some love with these sweet and simple ideas. While Davey’s Air Conditioning & Heating is your Mississippi expert on installations, maintenance, and AC repair service in Diamondhead, MS, we think these ideas are a lot of fun and hope you will enjoy them, too.

  • Start with a bedroom refresh. Most couples fondest memories reach back to honeymoons and vacations. Each day after exploring and adventuring, you come to a clean, bright, and airy feeling room. The bed is always neatly made and there’s no clutter or mess in sight. It’s like many of the stresses of life and their reminders don’t exist at all. While you can’t eliminate these things in your life, you can sweep them out of the bedroom. Take back the space and create a romantic hotel spa feel by removing the clutter from the room. Make a space in the dresser for loose change and trinkets. Dust all surfaces. Make the bed and add a small flower in a vase to your partner’s side table. Use a notecard or small piece of cardstock to write simply, “I love you” and place it next to the flower.
  • Carry the spa-like look to the master bathroom. Hang towels by folding them neatly into thirds over the towel racks. Add a small candle arrangement to the center or side of the sink counter. Minimize the amount of makeup and toiletries on the counter. Put hair brushes, curling irons, and other beauty tools in the cabinet or drawers to make a calming effect in the room. Doing a visual clean sweep you can live with day to day will make the room feel more spacious and luxurious. Try it out and make the changes it takes to make it functional.
  •  Create a cool meal in the kitchen. Heating up the house on a warm day is uncomfortable if your home is in need of AC repair service in Diamondhead, MS and can’t cool down after oven use. Keep up on AC maintenance and repairs to avoid this issue, but also plan cool meals. Make salads and light dishes inside and grill meats and veggies outdoors.

Devey's Air Conditioning and Heating

  • When you spend time together, be an active listener. So often we get caught up in the rat race of getting a list of things done at work. Our minds are spinning when we come home and our thoughts dart from one topic to the next. Work on calming down and taking deep breaths. Stop and listen more carefully to your partner and engage in conversation. Seeing you more relaxed and feeling heard will make you more attractive to your spouse.

If it’s time for AC repair service in Diamondhead, MS as you get ready for the calm and sweet comforts of home with your spouse, give Davey’s Air Conditioning & Heating a call today to schedule your next appointment at 601-749-7184.