AC repair services in Picayune, MS

If you’re getting ready for an update the the AC system in your home, you might want to consider a split air system. These systems are the small wall units you’ve probably seen in hotel rooms and modern offices. Take a look to see the advantages of a split-air system at home.

  1. Great Customization

A forced-air or central air system relies on vents to carry air through the home from an outdoor compressor. As air travels from this outdoor unit, it loses some of the cooling getting to vents. It also may give you uneven cooling as it spreads out through the home.

With a split air system, the cool air comes directly from the unit to the room without a long system of vents to travel. Instead, a split air system requires only a small space in the wall to connect the conduit from the unit to an outside power source. You can also use these systems to heat the home with the same precision during the many cold Missouri months.

  1. Savings Options

Energy costs continue to rise while these systems stand up to the demand and lower costs by using less power. Smaller than forced air systems, these units let you control heat and cooling only to the areas of the home that need it, all the while running less power to make you comfortable. You save money by not having to cool down an office or basement room you’re not using.
You may also be able to save even more with tax credits and rebates on ductless units.

  1. Better Air Quality

The multi-filtration system inside split-units removes allergens, dust, and pollutants from the air increasing the air quality in your home. Going with central air means frequent filter changes with less control over what gets into the system, and on top of that, vent cleanings and maintenance are both necessities.

AC repair services in Picayune MS

  1. Hassle-Free Installation

Installation can be done in less than a day with split air systems compared to multiple days for a central air system. The small pipe needed to connect a split air system to power takes just a small 3-inch hole rather than the hassle of tearing through walls and floors to install vents and registers. If you ever want to remodel or build add-ons, ductless systems are easier to work around and change placement.

  1. Be More Eco-Friendly

Beyond the utility bill savings you get with these high efficiency, small systems, you decrease your carbon footprint with a split unit system. The highest efficiency systems available are, you guessed it, split units. Additionally, ductless units use R410A, an ozone safe coolant.

Before this article, you may have only seen split air systems without much knowledge of their functions. Now you have a good start to deciding your options for the next AC unit in your home.

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