Heating systems are often trouble free and when they are working well, you don’t think about them too much. In order to keep your heater running effectively and efficiently, you will need to run some heater maintenance service items at times. Some of the items you can do on your own while others are best left to professionals. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Air Filters

Every heater needs fresh, clean air filters from time to time, especially when the heater is in use. Check the filter every month and change it more frequently if it looks like it is getting too clogged.

  • Free Debris

You will need to make sure you keep debris clear from your heater so it can operate safely and efficiently. It is hard not to stack boxes around the heater, but having things too close can cause it to overheat. Check the areas around your heater often and make sure it is free from debris. You may also want to dust it off on occasion to prevent the dust from entering the heater.

  • Professional Maintenance

There are some maintenance items that only a professional should do. Since you don’t work with heaters every day, you can’t always catch the little problems that might arise. When a professional does an annual maintenance check, they can catch small things that can become larger problems later. They can clean everything and get into the little details. This can make your heater run more effectively and efficiently and it can save you on utilities and repairs.

If you need your heater maintenance check, call Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating. We are never comfortable until you are and we take pride in offering high quality employees to help you with your heating needs. Whether you need a maintenance service, a minor repair, or a full installation, we’re here to help.