Heating Installation in Picayune, MS, And The Surrounding Areas

Not many homeowners realize replacing a water heater is a common home improvement expenditure. Generally, an electric or gas water heater’s traditional lifespan is 8 to 12 years. So, what should the costs be like? As per the pros, the costs for installing a brand new water heater vary significantly across the board.

Unique Installations

On average, installing water heaters could cost between $700 and $2000. Determining actual or estimate costs is difficult without first seeing the installation site and equipment.

The cost is based on the installation type, which is unique to every installation project. It’s dependent on the unit type currently owned by customers, what the replacement is like and the changes required for bringing the installation to the current code.

Hiring a Plumber

A professional plumber is a qualified, licensed individual who knows how to install the water heater correctly every single time. The licensed plumber ensures the right placement of safety features and installation as per the plumbing code. Water installation is not easy and it’s also unsafe. Improperly installed water heaters aren’t rare.

Water Heater Rules

Installing electric heaters means meddling with electricity worth almost 240 volts. In the case of unattended gas water heater leaks, catastrophic damage to its occupants or the house is likely.

Other installation considerations include ensuring an adequately plumbed unit, which entails installation with sufficient clearance and making sure the drip pans are well-equipped if required.

In the case of tankless or gas-fired water heaters, ensure the units are vented properly to mitigate any exposure to combusted fuel-produced monoxide gases.


Water heater installation is not just about the price, but there’s also the aspect of safety. It’s therefore wise to get the repairs done by a licensed plumber. XYZ is a reputed company that has been in the business of installing water heaters for the past several years. If you are looking for professional water heater installation assistance, get in touch with us.

Finding An Affordable Heater InstallationHeating Installation in Picayune, MS, And The Surrounding Areas

When our customers come to us with questions about their heater installation in Picayune, MS, and the surrounding areas, one of the issues that they are most worried about is the cost. And we don’t blame them! A new heater can be quite expensive if someone doesn’t do their research! But when you come to us for help, you can count on us to find you a great deal. We help customers find great systems every day, and if you have a particular budget for your new heater, we can find something that fits! In addition, you can sign up for a financing plan in order to make the payments more manageable. If the cost of the equipment and installation is too steep, simply pay the balance off over a period of time rather than all at once! It’s that simple, so find out about your financing options by calling us today!

Great Heater Installation Every Time

One thing we can say about our heater installation in Picayune, MS, and the surrounding areas is that we are consistent. If you are worried about working with Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating because you have never dealt with us before, you can stop worrying because we always get the job done right, and we always leave our customers satisfied. If you’d like to see for yourself, check out the Reviews section on our website to read real-life accounts from customers who have worked with us in the past. And when you’re ready to give us a shot, we’ll earn a five-star review from you as well!

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