Heating tune up is an important part of property management. By tuning your furnace, you will be able to not only enjoy warmer winters, but also reduce your heating bill and repairs costs while at the same time ensuring that your indoor quality is high. A tune up is simply the process of servicing a furnace to resolve problems before they lead to complete system failure. This is a job to be handled by licensed contractors with years of experienced in the industry.

The Furnace Tune Up Process Explained

The tune up process starts with a thorough inspection of the heating system. The room housing the heater is inspected for soot and tested for carbon monoxide emissions. The color of the flame and how it burns is also checked. Ideally, the flame should be blue and stable. If the flame is unstable and yellow in color, the technicians will know there is a problem with combustion in the system.

Next, the furnace is opened up and given a thorough cleaning. A vacuuming machine or blower may be used remove any debris that may be in the system. The walls of the furnace will also be scrubbed to get rid of carbon deposits. The air ducts may also need to be cleaned, but this is not usually part of the heating tune up. The air filter will also be replaced. Our technicians will check the tension of the fan belt as well as its current condition. If there is little tension and the belt is damaged, a new belt can be installed. All moving parts must also be lubricated to reduce friction, noise, wear and tear among other things.

All electrical connections will also be checked to ensure they fit tightly. If not, the connections will be tightly fastened, and damaged wires replaced. You can count on us for effective and affordable heater tuneup services. Call us today to schedule a tune up service for your furnace.