We use our air conditioners extensively in the summer, leading to higher energy bills each month. Higher energy bills are troublesome, but with some simple tips, you can manage them without contacting your technician for heating maintenance in Poplarville, MS:

  1. Instead of using your air conditioners 24*7, use a table fan or a ceiling fan to cool your home. Ensure to shut off your fans once you leave the rooms.

  2. Frequently check the temperature in your thermostat. Setting the right and adequate temperature will help you consume less energy. Suppose you cannot constantly check your thermostat. In that case, you can contact an HVAC company that provides heating installation services in Poplarville, MS, to get a programmable thermostat that will regulate the system’s working. You can operate it with your phone as well.

  3. Suppose your current air conditioner is slowly approaching the end of its life expectancy. In that case, you should start looking to buy a new system that offers better efficiency levels and lesser energy consumption. Check the SEER and EER ratings before purchasing a system.

  4. You use more water in the summer season due to frequent watering your lawns and taking more baths. Ensure to water your garden at dusk or dawn to reduce the evaporation rate of the water. You can also install low-flow water fixtures in the shower heads and sprinkles to reduce water usage.

  5. Few people know this tip; use cold water for laundry and rinsing purposes in all seasons. Using only cold water will help you save a decent amount on your bills.

  6. If your air conditioner is working efficiently yet your home does not cool, it may indicate a problem with the insulation. Check your doors, windows, and walls for possible leakages through which cold air may seep out of the house. If there are leakage problems, your air conditioner will have to work for more hours, leading to increased energy bills and more wear and tear.

  7. Set the thermostat at 0 to 5 degrees for your freezer and 35 to 40 degrees for your refrigerator. Ensure that the fridge doors do not leak the cool air out of the fridge. You can contact your technician who provides heating maintenance in Poplarville, MS, to know more about the right temperatures.

  8. You should unplug your electrical appliances like televisions, chargers, toasters, and lamps when not in use. Removing the plugs from the sockets helps reduce the electricity consumption from these appliances, controlling your energy bills.

  9. If possible, you should dine out during the summer season. When you cook in your kitchen, it can increase the indoor temperature by 10 degrees, forcing your air conditioner to work longer and harder. By dining out, you save your energy bills by not using the kitchen appliances and letting your air conditioner rest for the night.

These tips shall help you save money on your energy bills, but a professional service schedule is important to maintain your air conditioner. Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating is there to assist you with professional air conditioner services. You can contact our customer desk at 601-749-7184 for heating installation services in Poplarville, MS.