The summer heat gets to all of us and those who do have an air conditioning unit have to be worried about its maintenance from time to time. It is worse when you have an air conditioner that does not provide sufficient cooling! We may tend to try out our DIY techniques, which usually solve the problem. When these methods get exhausted, it may not necessarily be an alarming cause or an expensive fix. In this article, we aim to explain why your air conditioner doesn’t provide enough cooling so that you know when to go on browsers and search for “ac repairs near me” and when to panic.

The Simple Fixes And The Basics: As a mandatory checklist before going into panic mode, we bring you some basic things you need to check when there is low cooling:

  • Open or obstructed vents or pipes
  • Thermostat settings
  • Humidifiers to be switched off
  • Doors and windows are to be closed

some machines, a reset button is provided which can sometimes fix the problem.

The Problems That Need A Professional: When all the above conditions are checked, and you still get low cooling, the problem lies with the internal components of the air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance check-ups for indoor and outdoor( in the case of split ACs) units are a must for smooth operation. This regular maintenance in itself can increase the working efficiency of the machine by 25%.

  • Filter Cleaning: These air conditioning units contain filters to remove the microparticles of dust and grime before blowing the air into the room. When this dirt builds up, the filter gets obstructed, blocking the airflow. It can be easily accessed from the door provided in the front and detached from the unit. The latest designs come with washable filters of high quality and durability. Sometimes, ice buildup can be found in the indoor unit, which is a result of poor airflow. Once the filters are fixed, the airflow gets reestablished, the ice melts, and you can feel the increased cooling.
  • Deep Cleansing Of The HVAC Interior: If the filter cleaning does not do the trick, the next step is to thoroughly clean the interior of the air conditioning unit. The condenser, evaporator, and other coils need to be checked for clogs or damages. Prolonged usage of such components can even reduce the lifespan of the HVAC as a whole or also end up in expensive repairs.
  • Duct Cleansing: For vented or ducted systems, cracks or leakages are the more common issues. Refrigerant is the base of the cooling mechanism as it absorbs the indoor heat and cools the air. Leaks in this area can lead to severe troubles down the lane. Problems like this require professional help. AC repair, Poplarville ms can aid you in your troubles!
  • Electric wiring Issue: Sometimes, all it takes is a rewiring of the outlet. A blown fuse or a tripped one can also reduce the power supply to the air conditioner.