As the summer season raises the temperatures outside, we look towards our AC to keep us cool during this time. However, nothing inconveniences us more than having to sit in the heat next to a broken AC. you can successfully solve this problem by troubleshooting your HVAC system. To troubleshoot a Goodman Central Air Conditioner, you need to be fully aware of how the air conditioner functions.

Every Goodman central air-conditioning system has a compressor on the outside that injects a refrigerant gas to remove moisture and cool the surrounding air. The compressor helps circulate warm air over the indoor coil and pumps it outside while simultaneously pumping the cool air inside. Over time, the compressor unit in the Goodman central air system may malfunction. If needed, refer to the instruction booklet on solving very serious problems with the parts of the system. Before troubleshooting a Goodman central air conditioner, identifying the complication that the system is encountering is imperative.


The thermostat controls the central air and heating system, it should be checked first while troubleshooting. Ensure the thermostat is set properly and has fresh batteries. It is very common to make accidental changes to the thermostat. Make sure that the temperature on the thermostat is well below the room temperature or the temperature in your house.

Breaker Box.

Find the breaker box installed in your service panel and check for tripped breakers. The breaker trips the circuit when an overload is detected to avoid damage to the entire unit. Turn the breaker off and then back on. This usually solves minor problems in the machine. However, if the AC is not working after switching off and on the breaker, it indicates that there is a short circuit somewhere in the machine.
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If you can hear a clicking noise or continuous clicking when the AC starts up, there is likely something wrong with the compressor. The clicking sound occurs as the compressor has a malfunction in the start relay.
You should switch off the power to the compressor before you start opening up the machine. Unscrew the cover on the top of the compressor with the help of a screwdriver. Next, try to find signs of damage like a charred fan or burnt wires.


To check if the fan is faulting, you should turn the compressor fan carefully with your hand to find out if it rotates. If it does not, you should get reliable technicians from ac repair hamilton to help replace the fan.

Dirt And Debris.

There could be an accumulation of debris that inhibits proper airflow. When you unscrew the top you should check if there are any leaves, sticks, or grass in your unit and remove them. You should also promptly remove any dirt on the condenser fan or the coil.


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