We all know that every air conditioner takes some time before the coolness kicks in. However, when the weather outside is hot, especially during the summers, we cannot keep our air conditioners on for the entire day since that would increase our utility bills and put a strain on your AC unit. If your AC unit is overworked, you may have to search for “AC maintenance near me” in case your AC is lacking in performance.

Hence, we should know the time it generally takes for an AC to cool your home. First, we need to look at possible factors affecting the cooling speed.

Factors that affect the rate of cooling

  • Outside temperatures:

Quite obviously, the temperature outside has a direct effect on the house inside. If the temperatures outside are hot, the house will also be hot, and displacing the hot air with cold air will take more time than normal.

  • Thermostat level:

A thermostat is a device that regulates the air conditioner’s temperature and is used to monitor temperature fluctuations to keep an enclosed space’s temperature roughly constant. In the summer, the lower the thermostat setting, the longer the air conditioner will take to cool down.

  • Size of your AC:

The size of your AC matters a lot, too, since a blogger AC will have more power and will take less time to cool down a house than an average-sized air conditioner.

  • Your AC’s state:

Your air conditioner will continue to run well and even have a longer lifespan if you take proper care of it. The opposite occurs when an air conditioner is neglected. It won’t cool your house, so you’ll have to run it longer to get the desired temperature.

  • Your home’s size:

Your air conditioner will take more time to cool a bigger house since there’s more area to cover than a smaller house. Hence, you’ll see air conditioners in big houses in every second room.

  • Insulation of the house:

A large portion of your cool air is escaping outdoors due to poor insulation. This reduces the efficiency of the AC and, in turn, implies that cooling your home will take significantly longer, and your air conditioner will need to operate longer to compensate for the loss.

How long should it take?

If you keep the above factors in mind and ensure your air conditioner is in a good state, it should cool the average home in a 15-20 minute cycle. This is the optimum time for the cycle of an air conditioner, neither too long nor too short. If your air conditioner takes less or more time, contact a technician for AC service in Poplarville, MS. It should take around 35 minutes to cool a home by 2 degrees, while it will take 55 minutes to cool a home by 3 degrees.


What is a simple way to reduce electricity costs while maintaining a cool, pleasant home? Try strategically chilling only the rooms you’re using right now by closing doors to reduce how long your air conditioner needs to operate.

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