The igniter is a component that is responsible for lighting the burner of the furnace. It essentially starts the combustion process along with the flame sensor which makes it possible for the furnace to heat a room. However, this component is prone to causing issues if the furnace is not maintained consistently.

This is because this component is subjected to high heat and then cools down rapidly. That is why, it is advisable to learn the specifics of the igniter and determine how you can replace it if it breaks.

Price And Availability

Igniters are readily available but will be specific for specific brands. Therefore, it is important that if you are replacing the component without that professional heating service near me, you will have to ensure that the igniter suits your furnace. An igniter can cost anywhere between $30 to $50. However, if you choose to hire heating maintenance in Poplarville, MS, you will have to consider labour charges as well.

When Should An Igniter Undergo Replacement?

An igniter can last for around seven years, but in most cases will require replacement at around the five-year mark. To determine when your igniter needs replacement, you can also look for the following signs –

  • Blowing Chilly Air It can be a major issue if your furnace is blowing cold air. If this is happening, you have to first check if it is set to Auto and Heat. If it is, then it could mean that it is an issue with your igniter and its inability to create combustion.
  • Short Cycling There is also a chance that the furnace may be turning on and off repeatedly which is also known as short cycling. This tends to happen if the igniter is not functioning properly again.
  • Non-glowing Igniter The newer models of furnaces have electronic ignition instead of the old fashioned pilot light. Therefore, when the furnace turns on, the igniter should glow. However, if it does not, it will need replacement.

By noticing these signs you will know that the igniter is not functioning optimally and will, therefore, require replacement.

Replacing An Igniter in A Goodman Furnace

The first step to finding and replacing the igniter will require you to know where the igniter is located. To do so, you will have to remove the access cover present on the outside of the furnace. There you will see the flame sensor and the igniter next to each other. Both components have wires attached to them.

The flame sensor has one wire coming out of it while the igniter has two. That is how you will have to differentiate between the two. After finding it, follow these steps –

  • Turn off the furnace
  • Remove the screws that holding the igniter in place
  • Pull the igniter out of the plug holding it
  • Replace it with the new igniter and place it in the plug
  • Screw it into its fixture

If this seems like a hassle for you, there is always help available. If you need a new igniter or any other heating maintenance in Poplarville, MS, contact Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating by calling 601-749-7184.