The job of an air purifier is to clean and purify the air, but if it fails to do so, the air you breathe gets contaminated. Sensors that don’t work, filters that produce scents, and controls that aren’t responsive are all examples of these problems. Some troubleshooting could save you money before you go out and buy a new one.

The four most common air purifier problems and their solutions for Air Purifier repair in Poplarville, MS, are as follows:

The Air Purifier Fan is Quite Loud

The fan may be coming off and catching on the housing wall it rotates in. Some models have reported this, although it is not a widespread issue. If it is still under warranty, the best option is to return it to the manufacturer. 

If the fan is structurally sound and a warranty does not cover the device, you can unplug it and have it remodeled by shaving off the part of the fan that is knocking against the casing with a sharp knife. This would only fix minor flaws, and anyone doing it would need some DIY experience.

Strange Odor Coming From The Cleaner's Outlet

The air news source of a cleaner should be distributing clean, fresh air around the space. If you sense a strange stench, the space is filled with scents or strong smoke.

Indoors, the smoke and scents could have come from cooking or tobacco cigarettes. It can also come from the outside, common when biomass is burned.

You should be aware that excessive smoke and odors can degrade the function of the filtering system. Before turning on the air purifier, ensure the space is well ventilated. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for the windows and doors to be open. Once the smoke has passed, close the windows and switch on the air purifier.

It's Time to Clean The Purifier

Ionic air purifiers use metal rods to create ions, which gather dust and fluff. You should clean and inspect the rods regularly. The purifier will not work well if dust and fluff do not accumulate on them.

Your ionizer compartment may collect dust and other pollutants in a compartment on your ionizer. Check the compartment frequently; if it is clean, the ionizer is not working properly.

The Controls are Turned Off

On current air purifiers, touch control systems or push buttons are available. At times, the control systems may fail to respond. Air purifiers not being incorporated into an outlet or the filtration cover not being properly positioned are possible causes.

If the power cord is not plugged in, connect to an outlet with the properly rated power. Replace the filtration cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A faulty control may be the source of the unresponsive controls. Remove the air purifier from the outlet if you believe this is the source of the problem. Contact the brand’s customer service department for assistance.

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