An HVAC appliance, whether heating or cooling, makes our home comfortable. Our cooling appliances keep us cool while the sun scorches outside, and our heating appliances keep us warm while the snow piles in front of our homes.

As the owners, we should ensure that we take equal care of our appliances. You can contact an HVAC contractor near you to frequently take care of your system, but it may disturb your budget. Instead of contacting them and spending a lot of money, you can consider these easy steps to maintain your appliance.

Importance of Maintaining HVAC Appliances

Maintaining HVAC appliances comes with many unspoken benefits. Since they are so costly and will work for more than a decade, it is natural that you take their best care. Maintaining your HVAC appliances ensures that they work with the highest efficiency possible and do not consume more electricity than they should. This, in turn, maintains your energy bills and saves you money. Moreover, contacting an HVAC company for heating service near you checks for any major problems within the system that can lead to its breakdown and permanent damage and increase its lifespan.

What Can you Do for Your System?

You can follow these quick steps to increase the value of your HVAC appliances. Still, you should contact professional HVAC support at least once a month to ensure that your system does not face any technical issues requiring professional attention.

  • Filters

Air filters ensure that the indoor air quality is at its peak with no bacteria, allergens, or pollen floating in it. A clogged air filter not only decreases the indoor air’s quality but also forces the system to work harder to push air. Ensure to clean or replace your air filters frequently as per the system’s requirements.

  • Condensing Unit

If you have an outdoor condensing unit or an external heat pump, they may often get dirty due to twigs, dead leaves, insects, and dirt. A clogged outside unit will damage the working efficiency of the system. You can clean it with a water hose to remove these obstructions.

  • Outdoor Unit

The airflow of the outdoor unit depends on its fans and surrounding area. You can clean the fans with a water hose, but you should also attend to the surrounding area. Remove any object like boxes or vegetation that may hinder the smooth airflow of the unit.

  • Drainpipe and Drain Pan

The drainpipe and drain pan often get clogged due to algae and bacteria that grow in still water. You can easily unclog them with a wet-dry vacuum to remove the clogging. If you are not sure about the location of the drain pipe or drain pan, contact an HVAC company for heating services near you to assist you.

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