Flame sensors present in Goodman furnaces are an important safety measure that needs to be functioning at all times. As the furnace ignites the gas in a gas furnace, the flame sensor releases a small current of electricity. Although this electricity is in microamperes, it instructs the furnace’s control board to read that the furnace has to start a fire using the fuel stored in it.

How Does A Flame Sensor Lose Functionality?

However, there is one downside to using a flame sensor. These sensors are prone to sustaining damage or collecting dust while the furnace is running, requiring heating repairs in Poplarville, MS.

In addition to this, it can also undergo corrosion which may render the sensor useless. This is because a flame sensor that is covered with soot or corrosion will not be able to generate the current required for the proper functioning of the furnace.

In most of these cases, an HVAC contractor near me will recommend completely replacing it. These are some of the cheaper components to replace, costing only $75 to $100 in comparison to other components.

Testing A Goodman Flame Sensor

To make sure if the flame sensor is functioning or not, you will have to follow certain tests. The first step is to find the flame sensor in the furnace. After removing the access furnace cover, you will notice the flame sensor is made of metal and is cylindrical with white or yellow porcelain surrounding the mounting end. It is also present next to the burner assembly.

For a diagnosis, you can opt to call in an HVAC contractor near me or just do it yourself. If you side with the second option, this is what you should do –

  • Put off the power that is going to your furnace, either at the furnace itself or the electrical box.
  • Close the gas valve.
  • Remove the mounting screw of the flame sensor.
  • Slowly remove the flame sensor.
  • Carry out a physical examination of it.
  • Determine whether it has to be cleaned or if it has to be replaced.

If it requires cleaning, it means that the porcelain portion is covered in soot or dirt or has undergone corrosion. The cleaning should be done using an emery cloth with fine grit. Technicians that carry out furnace repair in Poplarville, MS, recommend using clothes that have a significantly finer grit. This is because you will have to stay away from the grooves present in the soft metal of the flame sensor. If the grit gets lodged in the grooves, it will cause the sensor to fail again.

However, if the flame sensor has corroded to a degree that cannot be saved, it will have to be replaced. If the porcelain portion is broken or missing a few pieces, it will require replacement.

  • After cleaning or replacing the flame sensor, remember to remount it.
  • Turn the power back on and light the furnace.

Therefore, the flame sensor of a Goodman furnace requires a little bit of care occasionally to ensure that the furnace is working as well as it can. If you opt for professional help look no further than Davey’s air conditioning and heating. For a service, today, contact 601-749-7184.