The air circulating in a building is usually contaminated with a wide range of air pollutants. That is why experts claim that the quality of air outside the home is better than indoor air quality. There are basically three categories of indoor air contaminants; germs and pathogens, odors and vapors, and airborne particles. The HVAC system performs a great job of removing the last two categories of indoor air pollutants. However, these systems have no way of removing germs and pathogens from air. That’s where UV lights come in. If you live in Picayune, MS, you can call us for initial consultations, request a quote and get UV lights installed in your home.

How it Works

Ultraviolet radiation is known to kill germs and pathogens. For decades, ultraviolet light has been used for sterilizing water, sanitizing hospitals and killing germs in food establishments. The lights can kill dust mites, bacteria, mildew and mold spores among other types of airborne biological contaminants. The ultraviolet lamp is usually installed inside the ductwork or near the evaporator coil at the air handler. The device will work 24/7 to kill microorganisms that may be airborne, thereby ensuring your home is free of germs and pathogens that can cause respiratory illnesses.

UV Light Installation

It is important to have ultraviolet light installed in your home to ensure that every type of airborne contaminant in your home is effectively dealt with. The air filtration system in your HVAC system may be effective in removing airborne particles and even getting rid of vapors and odors. However, only a UV lamp emitting safe levels of UV radiation can kill bacteria, mold and mildew among other types of pathogens.

We are a factory-authorized dealer for a wide range of UV lamps. We can help you choose the right device as well as give you a free quote to ensure you make a well informed decision. Call us today to discuss how to improve your IAQ.