If you want to install or replace your home’s HVAC system, you should look not only for the system that will work efficiently for your home but also for one that is highly energy-efficient.

Installing an energy-efficient HVAC system is essential for various reasons. They can save you money on your electric bill, it will last longer, and it will ultimately make your home more comfortable. But how can you tell if your current HVAC unit, or one you are considering purchasing, is truly energy efficient?

Here are some factors to know that your HVAC unit is energy efficient

  • SEER ratings

The first step to determine whether you have an energy-efficient HVAC system is to know about the SEER of your air conditioner. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The SEER rating of your air conditioner is used to determine its energy efficiency. You can find it in the user manual for your air conditioner. The higher the rating of the system, the more efficient it works.

  • AFUE ratings

The standard measure for air conditioning is SEER, but we measure furnaces using AFUE. AFUE stafor annual fuel utilization efficiency. AFUE ratings on heating systems indicate how energy efficient these units are. The higher the rating, the less energy is wasted, and the more energy is converted to actual heat. Because newer HVAC models use better technology, it is much more efficient than older models.

  • Uneven temperature

When your HVAC unit is energy efficient, it keeps the temperature consistent throughout your home. However, if you begin to notice different temperatures in various rooms, you may require a system check.

  • Frequent repairs

All HVAC units require annual maintenance to function efficiently. If you find yourself calling for heating repair in Poplarville, MS, all the time, there could be something more serious going on in your system. A broken HVAC system can consume extra energy to provide comfort conditions. When an HVAC system requires frequent repairs, homeowners should think about replacing it.

  • Age of your system

It is essential to understand the age of your HVAC systems. Even if your older system is still operational, it may not be energy efficient. An HVAC system that is more than ten years old works hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Replacing your old unit with a new energy-efficient unit may be the best option.

  • Increased energy bills

An inefficient HVAC system can be the reason for rising energy bills. With older units, a slight increase in energy bills is normal. Because they start losing some of their efficiency due to normal wear and tear, but large fluctuations are not. If you notice that your energy bills are steadily rising, it’s a clear sign that your HVAC system is wasting energy, which can happen when components have to work harder to meet demand.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will help it run as efficiently as possible. If you have an older HVAC system and are tired of paying high monthly energy bills, it may be time to consider a new energy-efficient HVAC system.

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