Are you considering getting your air conditioner repaired before the summer begins? We are here to give you a few maintenance tips to get your air conditioner ready before the heat starts to come.

How Often Should Your Ac Be Serviced?

Regularly checking up on the condition of filters must be done. The filters must be free from dirt and debris at all times. This will ensure a better flow of cold air within a room. Make sure your outside AC unit is free from leaves and dirt. The best time to give your air conditioner a repair would be before the heat starts to rise and around the time of the spring season. A yearly servicing is recommended to let your air conditioner work efficiently. You can inspect your own AC or call up an AC installation near you.

How to clean your Ac Unit?

The first step is to remove all the debris, dirt, and leaves that have gathered up during autumn and winter on the outdoor AC unit. Make sure your attic vents are not obstructed by furniture or other objects. Clean up anything that blocks the circulation of air. Follow these steps once you’ve done that.

Servicing by yourself?

1. Thermostat

Begin by checking the system of your air conditioner by switching the thermostat on and off. This will help you identify the problem with your air conditioner. The next step would be to turn off the breaker at the circuit breaker box and condenser to avoid any harm.

2. Evaporator and Coil

Dust the evaporator coils using a soft brush. Spray them with a coil cleaner. After that, spray them with a coil cleaner and let them drip into the drain pan. Clean the drain pan with detergent and hot water, ensuring that the drain is free of obstructions. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear out these blockages.

3. Condenser

Check the level of your condenser and adjust it. Clear the fan from any debris as this might freeze up the air conditioner internally if not done.

4. Fins

Spray the fins with water using a hose. Look for flattened fins and straighten them gently using a fin tool. Be careful while doing so, and ensure you don’t damage the tubes inside the fins.

5. Ducts

Clean up your ducts as these promote a huge amount of cold air loss. Make sure these ducts are sealed properly. This can stop the air from escaping through these ducts.

6. Filters

Change your filters frequently to promote the flow of improved air quality. Filters are easily prone to dirt and debris. Call up an AC professional to get these cleaned or replaced.

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