Air conditioner installation is a complex process that requires special knowledge of HVAC system and quality workmanship to ensure the installed AC system functions optimally. AC installation, therefore, should only be carried out by professionals who are professionally-trained, experienced, licensed and certified to do the job. Installation can be done on a new construction or an existing building, during AC replacement. To ensure the AC efficiently cools the indoor space, there are many factors that must be considered before the installation. They include:

i) Sizing

Air conditioning machines come in all shapes and sizes to suit the cooling needs of different types of property owners. If you have a small home, a smaller AC unit will do the job. On the other hand, if you live in a 5 bedroom home, you will need a bigger air conditioner. A qualified HVAC contractor will measure the volume of air in your home and identify the right equipment to install. Usually, the lengths and widths of all the rooms in the house must be measured to determine the total floor area.

ii) Hiring an AC Installer

The key to proper AC installation lies in choosing the right installer. A key factor to consider is the experience of the installer. Ideally, only the most experienced installers should be contracted to do the job. Other factors to consider are certifications, licensing and pricing among others.

iii) Financing

Only a few people can buy an air conditioning machine and pay for installation without getting financing. Fortunately, banks and AC installers offer affordable financing, so you may want to start looking for a suitable financier before having your AC replaced.

iv) Maintenance Contracts

Ideally, the installer should offer a convenient maintenance contract to help keep your AC machine in great working condition. Therefore, you should compare the cost, terms and conditions that come with the maintenance contract offered by different HVAC firms before making a decision.