Having a water heater means additional comfort for your home. When looking for a water heater, you are probably a new homeowner or simply replacing an old unit. Although you may repair an aging water heater, be sure to replace it if it is older than 10 years. Past this mark, it gets costly to run, becomes inefficient and breaks down frequently. To install a water heater, call Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating for professional and skilled assistance. We have been in the business for many years servicing clients in the counties of Picayune and the surrounding areas.

Water Heater Installation Options

There are different types of water heaters and choosing the most suitable type will solely depend on your home water heating needs. The common types of water heater include: a conventional water heater which uses gas or electricity to heat water in a tank, an efficient tankless type that heats water only when needed, hybrid water heater with a conventional water heater and heat pump attached as well as the solar water heater system placed on rooftops to receive direct heat from the sun. All these types have varied efficiency levels so choose the most efficient one.

What to consider before installing a water heater.

When you call Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we help you select the most suitable water heater to meet your home specifications and requirements. Water heaters come with different tank capacities, have different recovery rates and energy efficiency ratings as well as size. Once you have the right water heater system, our professional and qualified technicians will conduct the installation work putting into consideration the type of water heater, the available space and your home heating requirements. Our technicians have proper licensing, insurance cover and are bonded so do not worry about equipment safety and installation quality. For water heater installation service, call us today to schedule an appointment.