Like any type of technology, heating systems have a limited lifespan, and in order to ensure that your heating system is as efficient and economical as it can be, and will last as long as possible, correct maintenance is highly recommended. Lack of maintenance can ultimately shorten the lifetime of your equipment, while maintaining your system in the correct way will save you both money and irritation over time. Regular maintenance and seasonal checks are the way to go. The staff at Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating are ready to promptly assist you in any way, regarding questions, tips, maintenance and heating repair in Picayune MS. We have years of experience, and can service all types and brands of HVAC heating system.

How systems break down ?

A heating system is a complex piece of technology consisting of many components, all of which can be subject to the wear and tear of long-term use. Examples of this can be the buildup of dust and sediments in pipes, filters or moving parts. Air, gas or fluid leakages, either in pipes, tanks or connections can cause an array of troubles, and in some cases even a health risk or risk of fire. Electrical and electronic failures due to malfunctioning electrical parts are common. Defective mechanical parts are also common. In addition, a malfunction in one part of a system can also put stress on other parts, which is why any malfunction should be addressed as soon as it is discovered.


When your heating system is malfunctioning?

Apart from the system just grinding to a stop, or you not able to switch it on at all, there are several other possible signs that your heater is in need of some attention.

  • A sudden rise in energy costs: If your energy bill has increased noticeably over a short period of time, there may be an issue.
  • A sudden noticeable decline inefficiency: The heater doesn’t work as well as it used to, even when turned up.
  • Mechanical noises of any kind
  • The smell of gas or burning
  • An apparent build-up of dust or particles in an inside environment
  • Electrical fuses being blown without any obvious explanation

What to do?

A quick way to assess the next step of action is to check the troubleshooter on our Website. This will give you a quick guide as of what to do, and whether or not you might need professional assistance. In the case of the smell of gas or burning, turn off the equipment straight away.

When choosing a heater repair technician, there are several important things to consider. The most important thing is finding a technician who has the skills and experience to do the job in a professional manner. Choose a licensed heater specialist, as this will ensure that the technician has undergone the required training. Also, manufacturers require that any repairs be done by licensed technicians in order for the warranty to be valid. Make sure that the contractor is insured: a contractor can be asked to provide a copy of their insurance, showing its included liability coverage. In addition, always ask for an estimate of the price of the job, and ask whether the quote itself is free.

Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating is a trusted company with years of experience, and a good choice for any type of heating repair in Picayune MS. Feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of the repair and maintenance of heating systems, either via our Website, or call us at (601) 749-7184.