AC repair service in Diamondhead MS

One of the top AC faults that plague both home and business owners is power problems. While there are pages and pages of how-to guides online very few often give proper instruction and many ignore the risks and other factors that may have caused the issue in the first place. If you’ve made it to this page, it’s likely you’re experiencing this or another common AC fault. The main thing to be aware of with a power issue is that attempting to tackle this sort of thing yourself could result in more permanent damage to your AC unit and also affect the general power supply to your home. At Davey’s Heating and Air Conditioning we understand that nobody wants to be without their AC for too long, whatever the weather outside we all deserve to feel comfortable at home that’s why our  AC repair service in Diamondhead, MS is on call 24/7 to help you whenever trouble strikes. To help you understand what could be wrong with your air system and why you should call in the professionals, we’ve written you a brief outline below.

When Your AC Isn’t Running At All?

Power outages can be pretty common, especially during or after bad weather which isn’t usual in this area in the spring, we know that your first port of call is going to be to flip the switch and then the breaker, but if that doesn’t work you’re fast out of options. All our technicians are HVAC certified which proves them experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of heating, air and ventilation issues, this includes electrical qualifications and basic pipe issues as well. Even trying to assess your AC equipment can be dangerous when you do not have the right equipment. Standard parts such as filters, condensers, compressors and the fan are all subject to wear and tear over time. When you come to us an AC repair service in Diamondhead, MS you can rest assured that we only use quality parts from trusted manufacturers who have longstanding working relationships with us due to our professional standards and professional service, this allows us to offer you a range of deals and financing options to help you pay for any repairs you may need.

AC repair service in Diamondhead, MS

When Your Unit Is On But Something Is Clearly Wrong?

This may seem like the better of the two scenarios because it means you can use your AC but most of our repair customers usually experience low output or instances that their system, starts, stops or makes very strange and sometimes loud noises. In this instance, it’s best to avoid using your air conditioner altogether and call out a professional contractor to come and do an AC repair service in Diamondhead, MS. There is two reasons for this, the first being that you’re putting extra strain on an already under functioning system which could result in further damage and more often than not a full replacement is required when the internal issues are too extensive to repair effectively and secondly the extra work your AC is doing is going to up its energy usage so you might be hit with a much higher fuel bill than usual and it’s just not worth the hassle. Let us save you the stress, call us today to book a free estimate on 601-749-7184.