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If you or your wife are expecting a baby in the next nine months, it’s vital that you have a well maintained AC. High temperatures and unfiltered air can cause serious complications for both mom and baby before and after birth.

Bay St. Louis is one of the hottest places in the United States. This can be strenuous and trying for a healthy person, but for a newborn it can be dangerous. An AC repair service in Bay St. Louis, MS is one of the best ways to keep your family safe right from the start.

Here are three of the most serious ways that high temperatures and dehydration can cause increased risks during pregnancy and after birth.

● Increased risk of fainting or falling

Pregnancy can already come with spells of lightheadedness or dizziness. Some women experience fainting a couple or many times during their pregnancy. However, with dehydration and excessive heat, this can become much more common and much more serious. After all, you don’t want mom falling over and injuring herself or the baby.

● Decreased amniotic fluid in the womb

Chronic dehydration during pregnancy can cause a decrease in the amniotic fluid. This has numerous implications for the baby’s development. Amniotic fluid levels are critical to proper skeletal and motor development in the womb. After all, this is the baby’s living environment during the most critical stage of development. Less fluid means less space for healthy development.

● Increased risk of preterm birth

Dehydration during pregnancy and chronic overheating has been shown to correlate with increased risk of preterm birth. This correlation is so strong, that hospitals in southern states see increased rates of early birth any time the weather is hotter than average. Preterm birth correlates with all sorts of complications and developmental setbacks.

● Reduced lactation

Lactation is thirsty work. Mom has to feed herself and her baby all throughout pregnancy and while lactating. It can be hard enough to stay hydrated under normal circumstances, but in the middle of a hot summer it’s especially difficult. Being constantly exposed to heat can seriously drain mom and baby.

As you can see, the heat is serious business and you should do everything you can to create a safe and comfortable environment for mom and baby to relax in during the most critical stages of development. An AC repair service in Bay St. Louis, MS is the best way to create such a space.

If your old AC has been working overtime through years of Mississippi heat, making strange noises or just failing to get the job done right, it’s time for a change. Call Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule an AC repair service in Bay St. Louis, MS. We’ve been doing it for years and know what it takes to keep your family safe and comfortable this summer. Our phone number is 601-749-7184.