Have you recently been Googling ‘AC repair near me? Do you notice an unpleasant odor coming from your unit? If this smell remains the same even after your best measures to remove it through additional cleaning and other steps, you probably require professional help.

It is possible because the troublesome area is not being treated. This problem can be accelerated if not treated correctly on time. Hire a professional who will ensure that your HVAC unit is repaired the first time correctly and that your home smells fresh once more.

1. What Can Result in a Smelly System?

Here are a few frequent reasons why your air conditioner smells weird:

Moisture Build-Up

Excess moisture builds within air ducts and vents due to high humidity or a drainage leak. If you notice a musty odor as quickly as you switch on your air conditioner, mold and mildew may have infiltrated your ducting.

Mold can induce infection of the respiratory problems, so contact a skilled HVAC expert as early as possible. Contact an AC repair in Poplarville, MS, to get back your fresh, smelling, and feeling AC system.

Overflowing of a Drain pan

As your air conditioning system eliminates humidity from your home, water droplets land on the drain pan. The HVAC system component is subject to regular wear and tear. Its functionality will diminish over time.

An inefficient drip pan collects mold whenever the machine runs, which generates the odor in our home. To remove the stink, have your local HVAC specialist swap it with a new one.

Unfit Size

Air conditioners with a capacity that is too large for the household leads to mold or mildew growth. Moisture lingers in the air as it circulates the cooling system and the residence, allowing mold growth and aromas to develop.

Oversized air conditioners finish cooling cycles too quickly, lowering the air temperature to the setpoint before the machine can dehumidify it. 

Animal Waste

Insects, mice, and even birds have been known to enter the dark chambers of air conditioners. They perish and begin to degrade inside if they are unable to escape. 

It produces a noxious odor, making it impossible to remain in the room. If you notice this odor, get in touch with an AC repair in Poplarville, MS, to schedule an appointment.

2. Preventive Measures

There are several measures you could be doing to prevent your air conditioner from circulating different odors around your home:

  • Swap your old and malfunctioning AC filters with new filters as per the instructions and guidelines.
  • When your HVAC system enables it, install an air purifier. In case of rejection, contact AC repair in Poplarville, MS.
  • When cooking, cleaning, or showering, use exhaust fans. It will assist in releasing chemicals and other odors outside.

It is essential to keep your appliance in a fit state. The air conditioning system must be cleaned, serviced, and maintained regularly. 

Regular maintenance can provide you with financial benefits and health benefits as well for the long term. Call or visit our website, Davey’s Air Conditioning and Heating, to maintain your health and the health of your systems.