Did you know that about 30% of your yearly energy costs goes towards heating your home? That’s an awfully big percentage! Thankfully our winters here on the Gulf Coast are fairly mild, but when it gets even a little bit cold we love having our heater handy. However there’s times when we must consider getting a heating replacement in Picayune, MS because our unit is just not performing as well when these cold fronts start coming in. So in this article, we’re going to educate you so that you can find out whether it’s time for a new unit, and how to choose the right service provider to get it installed……

If Your Unit Is Doing Several of These Things, You Should Call Us

We’re about to go into more detail on these factors, but the main ones will be that your unit is too old, the heat is distributed unevenly, and the repairs have become too costly. Read the list below to see what else you should be looking for……

  • Your unit is more than 15 years old! When a heater gets this old, it’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) dips way down. This means that your unit is putting out less and less heat, and it’s not going to perform like normal.
  • Because it can’t produce as much as heat, you’re probably pushing it to work harder in order to make up for these lower levels. So you’ve probably been receiving higher energy bills! And when you consider that heating makes up 30% of your costs like we said earlier, this is going to hurt your pocketbook.
  • Has your unit been making weird noises like rattling or scratching sounds? This means there is probably some problems with the underlying parts, which could be due to the increased amount of work it’s been doing to heat your home.
  • If your home has been suffering from humidity problems or stuffiness, this is a sign that your airflow has been disrupted. It could be due to debris that’s clogging the system, or because of the decreased heating efficiency we mentioned in the previous point.
  • Another big sign is that your home has some rooms that are warmer or cooler than others.

Should You Replace It Still? Let’s Find Out……

business gowthIf you’ve been experiencing some of the problems we’ve outlined above, then it’s possible that the costs to repair your unit could be too high to make it worth your while. We understand that replacing a furnace or a traditional HVAC unit is not cheap, and we want to help make this process as easy as possible. Every situation is different when you need a heating replacement in Picayune, MS and we recommend that you call our team at Davey’s Heating and Air Conditioning at 601-749-7184 so we can take a look at it. Please don’t hesitate to call us as an improperly installed unit can only complicate the heating problems you may be having.